Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Writing on the Walls

The inspiration for the title of this blog came from what's all around me. . .writing on the walls of my house.  They are mainly the artwork of my third child, Catherine, but her older brother and sister have certainly done their share of crayon murals and I'm sure my youngest will add to them some day, too.

I am a mother of four and an aspiring writer, although the former doesn't leave much time for the latter.  I love children's literature and would be reading it even if I didn't have kids.  I have a large collection of picture books that I've been accumulating for many years and I love being able to share them with my children.  I also love having them as an excuse to buy even more (and more and more!)

My oldest, Elizabeth, turned seven this fall so we are now adding early readers, chapter books and middle grade novels to our bookshelves.  We are currently reading The Name of this Book is Secret, and it's wonderful!

I've been told that as an aspiring writer it is wise to have a blog, so I am giving it a try.  I'll be writing here about projects I'm working on, my kids, and trying to find enough time for all of them.


  1. Welcome to the wild, wild world of blogging.
    We've being doing posting for two years, but there are four of us.
    Cute kids.
    The Management

  2. Thank you so much! It's been a lot of fun meeting people this way. :)