Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer's Coming!

(Okay, so I scheduled this to post on Thursday morning and just realized it didn't. Boo. So it's a few days off, but oh well.)

Today is my kids' last day of school! My oldest daughter keeps asking what we plan to do on the first day of summer vacation. Lol. I have no idea. I'm not a big planner, which I think drives said daughter crazy as she wants to know what we're going to be doing at all times.

Things I do know are happening this summer- My daughter and I just got cast in our local theater's production of Rodger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella. It will be the first show we've been in together and I'm really looking forward to it!

Horse shows! We have regionals in June and Nationals in August. It's also my daughter's first time showing at Nationals, so that's super exciting too!

This is her at a show earlier this year.

I'm sure we'll also go to the zoo, the pool, Grandma's house, and all kinds of other fun stuff. 

What are your summer plans? Anything fun? 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

IWSG: May. I think. It's May, right?

Time has been flying lately! I can't believe the school year is almost out. I'm trying to tell myself I'll write more once school is out. (But I have this vague memory from the end of last summer where I told myself I'd write more once school started . . .)

For those that don't know it yet, the first Wednesday of the month is Insecure Writers Support Group day. The day for us to shout our insecurities into the world! Big thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh (IWSG founder and amazing writer and person) and his awesome cohosts, Eva Solar Melanie Schulz, Lisa-Buie Collard, and Stephen Tremp!

This month I'm going to Storymakers, a big writing conference in Utah. I'm super, super excited! I know I'll be meeting some of my favorite online people IN REAL LIFE! And seeing a few of my critique partners again, which is so wonderful.

But (there's always a but, isn't there?) I'm nervous too. I'm not a naturally social person. I don't make great first impressions. I'm awkward and dorky and I never know how to react to other human beings when they talk to me.

True story.

Thankfully I know I'll have a few good friends with me who've done this conference before and will be there to help me out. 

How about you? Are you good at the social networking stuff? Or are you awkward and shy like me? And anyone else going to Storymakers? I'd love to see y ou! 

Monday, May 4, 2015

REMAKE Trailer!

I'm super excited to help Ilima Todd share her book trailer
for her YA dystopian, REMAKE.
I've already read REMAKE and it's awesome.
Seriously. Great characters, great story.
And this trailer is amazing!

You can find REMAKE on Amazon,
or add it to your to be read list on Goodreads.

Happy reading!

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Cover Reveal: Grounded

Congratulations to Heather Young-Nichols
on her latest cover reveal!
It's a cute one!

“••*´¨`*•.COVER REVEAL ••*´¨`*•.
GROUNDED by Heather Young-Nichols

Title: Grounded
Author: Heather Young-Nichols
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Release Date: May 19th
Hosted by: Beautiful Promotions

Alyssum Bracken sets out in search of Jensen Burkhardt…

After a longtime feud over copper between the Gremalian and the Gobel races, she hopes he has inherited his father’s legendary abilities as tensions rise to a breaking point. But when she finds him in faraway New York, Alyssum discovers she didn’t reach the handsome gremlin first. Aric, a rival goblin, is already ensconced in Jensen’s life.

However, Aric Bramble isn’t the enemy…

Courageously risking exile to save both races from a bloody war, the unlikely trio decide to work together. A forbidden friendship with Aric, a first love with the noble Jensen, while juggling her father, their leader, the prejudice of her people against the Gobel—and Aric’s people trying to kill them all—might be too much for Alyssum to handle.

Jensen’s strength is the one thing keeping Alyssum grounded, but will their relationship be threatened by her friendship with Aric?

Will any of them even survive the coming conflict? Alyssum isn't sure…but she’s going to try.


Heather Young-Nichols was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan and graduated from nearby Saginaw Valley State University with a degree in sociology. The only thing that rivals her love of reading is her love of baseball. During the season you can find her gushing about both. 

Heather’s debut new adult contemporary romance, Up for Grabs (Swoon Publishing) released in May 2014 with the follow-up, Up for Forever (Swoon Publishing) due in May 2015. A young adult fantasy, Grounded, releases May 19, 2015 with Limitless Publishing.

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