Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What to Buy the Ones You

Love  Don't Actually Like at All.

We've all had people on our Christmas list who we don't actually want to buy a gift for, right? Someone who you have to associate with, but you secretly think is moronic waste of space?
Or maybe someone who you hate to buy for because they are ridiculously picky
and you KNOW they will fake-smile at whatever you get them,
then roll their eyes when they think you aren't looking. 
Maybe a co-worker, maybe a relative, but we all have them.

So I thought it would be fun to list some gift ideas for these hard-to-buy-for people. All ideas will be under $15, (because seriously, wouldn't you rather spend your money on someone you actually like?)

The first category of ideas (and one of my favorites.)
Fancy Foods:

Octagonal Chocolate Sampler It looks all fancy, and who doesn't like chocolate?

Taste Test of Caramel's from Trader Joe's. Twelve different flavors of caramels,
from Toffee Apple, to Blood Orange Balsamic.

Lady Lavender loose leaf tea Great for persnickety mothers-in-law, or your fussy grandmother, (the one who always liked your sister more than you anyway.)

More of a coffee lover? How about Crème Brulee flavored coffee? (This site had tons of very fun sounding flavored coffees, in case crème brulee doesn't appeal to you. Although, if it doesn't, what's wrong with you?)
Or, perhaps a mug to drink that tea or coffee out of?
This Life is Awkward mug seemed especially fitting,
because what's more awkward than giving gifts to people you would rather not be around, ever?
Life is Awkward Mug
Okay, if it's not quite that bad, how about this one?
Paper Airplane Sharpie Mug
I'll be posting some more gift ideas for hard-to-shop for people later this week.
If you have someone on your list that you need ideas for,
tell me a bit about them and I'll see if I can help! :)
Next week I'll have some fun gift ideas for writers and/or readers.
(Those people we love and are super fun to shop for.) :)


  1. Moronic waste of space - funny!
    Gift cards work as well. And I'll take all the iTunes gift cards that come my way.

  2. Great ideas! I think I have an entire family full of people who are impossible to buy for. Definitely lots of the "roll your eyes when they think you're not looking" variety. Blarg. :)

  3. Thanks for the ideas. I definitely have a couple of THOSE people on my list, and it's hard to find something that they'll like. I'm easy to shop for, because all I want are books. :)

  4. these are some great ideas. I especially love the mugs!

  5. Such great ideas! Some people are hard to buy for, which makes gift giving not a lot of fun. But who wouldn't love one of those mugs?

  6. The awkward mug would be fun to buy if you ever did a Secret Santa type thing. =)

  7. Love it!! I HATE buying for the picky. I actually know some people who will flat out say, "I'll never use/ like this. Can I have the receipt?" Oh my. Didn't there mother tell them to claim it doesn't fit and then Goodwill it? Isn't that the polite thing to do?

    I want that Life is Awkward mug!!!

    1. I hate when i comment so excitedly and get the grammar wrong!

      their, not there

  8. Nice offers Rachel, love the awkward mug.

  9. Hah! Absolutely loving this list. I've definitely had to give gifts to people I didn't really care for in the past. Luckily, I don't have to worry about that this year, but I probably can't avoid that in the future, so I'll have to remember this post!

  10. I don't know what to get anybody (except my father-in-law)

  11. This cracked me up LOL. And now I totally want a Life is Awkward mug!