Wednesday, December 18, 2013

CUTLASS Cover Reveal!!

Ashley Nixon's YA fantasy, CUTLASS, comes out April 23rd, 2014! I am super excited to be sharing her cover with you today, it is super gorgeous! But first, a little about the book:
Notorious pirate Barren Reed has one thing on his mind: Revenge against the man who killed his father. So kidnapping his enemy's fiancĂ© seems a perfect plan…until he actually does it. 

Larkin Lee is more than a pretty face and fiancĂ© to a powerful man. Her fierce personality is enough to make any pirate want to push her overboard. 

But when the King of the Orient comes to Barren with a task—to find the Bloodstone, a powerful gem thought only to exist in legend, Barren sees another opportunity to destroy his enemy. Together, Barren, Larkin and a crew of pirates set off to find the stone, only to discover it caused the death of Barren’s own mother and Larkin’s, too. As his strongest allies turn into his greatest enemies, and the life of the girl he kidnapped becomes more important than he ever dreamed, Barren’s quest for revenge becomes a fight to save the Orient.
And now for the cover!!

Isn't that awesome? I love it!
And here's the full paperback version:

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And you can find Ashley on her website, her blog, (where she has illustrated pictures of her characters!), Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Ashley is super awesome, and the characters in this story are great! So go check her out!

And there's a giveaway!
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Ashley was born and raised in Oklahoma, where the wind really does sweep down the plains, and horses and carriages aren't used as much as she'd like. When she's not writing, she's hard at work on her Master's degree in Library Science and Information Technology, working out, or pretending she's Sherlock Holmes. Her obsession with writing began after reading the Lord of the Rings in the eighth grade. Since then, she's loved everything Fantasy--
resulting in an unhealthy obsession with the 'geek' tab on Pinterest, where all things awesome go.


  1. It's a very cool cover - congratulations, Ashley!

  2. This is an awesome cover, so happy for Ashley!

  3. I love the intro to Ashley's bio. =) And I'm definitely excited to read Cutlass!

  4. I'm not sure who my favorite pirate is, but I've been in Blue Beard's castle on St. Thomas. I've also seen Black Beards castle on the same island. I thought that was pretty cool.

  5. Ashley!!! I LOVE the cover. Wow.

    My favorite pirate? Probably Dread Pirate Roberts. (Name that movie!)

    Yay! *tossing cheese confetti*

    1. The Princess Bride is my favorite movie! Great choice! :)

  6. Congrats Ashley. I'm currently loving Once Upon a Time's Captain Hook.

  7. Captain Hook is a great one!! You guys have some of the best favorite pirates EVER! Thank you guys!! You're all so awesome! And thank you, Rachel! You are the best!

  8. I've been seeing this book all over the blogosphere. Such a striking cover!