Friday, December 13, 2013

Gift Ideas Continued

I personally think men are the hardest people to buy for.
I mean, with women if all else fails you can always get them something
 at Bath and Body Works, right?
 Go to a mall, about 75% of the stores are aimed at women.
So, here are some ideas for men:
Don't know what to get your obnoxious brother-in-law?
Navy Blue Bottle Opener /Cast Iron /Vintage, Retro Feel /Kitchen, Mancave, Game Room, Patio  Hangout /Metal
This cool bottle opener (plus a few bottles to test it out with) is sure to please.
Or that guy that seriously already has everything he wants (because he buys it for himself as soon as he sees it) how about a cool new wallet?
Men's leather wallet,Simple Slim Men's brown leather wallet, leather credit card, postcard sets, handmade
This one even has a little pocket for a guitar pick. (Which totally made me think of Alex.) :)
Guitar Pick Card Cash Coin Pouch marijuana/dragon/initial stamps

And one more idea for women, (because they're more fun.) ;)

Scarf,loop scarf ,infinity scarf

Who couldn't use a nice scarf for winter?

Next week I'll have a couple awesome authors on here,
and some super fun shopping ideas for writers and/or readers. :)
Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Men are so dang hard to shop for! And my husband doesn't like candy which makes it that much harder! I'm going to stuff his stocking with kitchen stuff we need (and he told me he wants a lime juicer, so... whatever.) He actually likes stuff like that more than I do, haha :) Hopefully it goes well.

  2. Those old fashioned bottle openers are cool.

  3. Men ARE so hard to buy for. And quite frankly tools are just boring, couldn't they start making them in some prettier colors? Add in some bling?

  4. I personally think it's harder to buy for women. I can easily guess what a guy would like. Today I saw an ad for a flashlight that can light an entire room and it can attach to the hood of the car, in cramped spaces and in the dark. Perfect for the man who does a lot of handy work. Plus you can couple it with another gift. It also can be used as a magnet to find stray nails and metal.

  5. I sometimes wonder if it's just the men in my life that are *impossible* to buy for, but maybe not. Seriously, they're terribly difficult though. And hubby suggest something only to change his mind ten minutes later (or just long enough for me to pick out the perfect item on Amazon and hit the one-click...). Ahhh, the holidays. Gotta love it :)

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  7. I heard on a tv show the other day, just buy men beer and bullets and they'll be happy. Well, not all men, but a good portion.
    Like your choices.

  8. I am always happy w/a scarf. My closet's full of them, but there's always some cute neat design or print just around the corner... My husband is horrible to buy for, he's just way too picky.

  9. The bottle opener is a fun idea. And you're right. Men are harder to buy for. :)

  10. It's true that most shops seem to stock a lot more stuff for women. Maybe because women tend to do more shopping?

  11. Most of the time, I don't have to worry about buying gifts for men. Needless to say, the rare times I do, I get all confuzzled, haha. This is such a helpful list!

    I disagree about Bath and Body Works, though. My aversion to scents would make that a disappointing gift to me. XD

  12. I like that scarf. I think I need to watch one of those Youtube videos on how to wear a scarf though, because I still don't know how to drape one fashionably around my neck like I've seen other women do.

  13. There are really great gift ideas for women. I am supposed to find something for my mother for mother's day but I might have to get something for myself too. Thanks so much for sharing.

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