Wednesday, October 16, 2013

(Never) Again Blog hop!

To celebrate the release of (Never) Again, Theresa Paolo's debut New Adult novel, she's hosting a blog hop and give away!

The details:

Liz, the main character of (Never) Again got her heart broken and refused to ever open it up to anyone again. We all know how that goes though. How many times have you swore off something only to step right back into it? So for this bloghop I want to know what it is you swore you would never do again and then wound up doing. It could be anything. Dating a guy, drinking, going on the roller coaster that made you vomit, anything.

 The prizes:

First prize: $20 Amazon gift card
Second prize: A signed copy of Cora Carmack's Faking It
Third prize: A copy of (Never) Again

Isn't that awesome! I thought about what to share for quite a while. I thought about going the easy route and saying soda, or candy and sweets. (All true.) But decided to share something a bit more personal.

When I was young I dated the wrong boy, so I can relate to Liz's stupid decisions in this book. He was charming and fun. I was stupid and thought it was all quite romantic. I thought I could help him.

I was a good girl, for real. I didn't smoke or drink in high school at all. This guy did all of that and more. But, like many other stupid girls before me and the many that will do it after me, I thought I could help him clean up his act and live up to his potential.

I took him back more times than I am proud of. But eventually I got my head on straight and realized that I couldn't help him. He had to help himself. (Sadly, over ten years later, I saw he was arrested for drug possession. And it was not a first offense.)

Now I tell my speech girls, Never Never date a guy based on his potential! It's not fair to them or to you.

After that I met my husband. The quintessential 'good man.' (For real. He's kind of awesome, if I do say so myself.) :)

How about you? Ever date a 'bad boy?' What have you sworn off, only to go back to?

And don't forget to check out (Never) Again!


  1. I felt like I was reading my own story! I too dated a guy because I saw his potential and he was broken and I thought I could fix him. Boy was I wrong. He spent more time in rehab than anything. Good riddance!

    Thanks for joining the hop!

  2. Glad you found the awesome husband! :)

    I've never dated a bad boy, but I did get pushed into drinking more than I should've... I have a low tolerance (since I don't really drink often), and I'd already thrown up once in college after being pushed to try a (rather strong) jello shot, so I said never again! Stupidly, I gave into peer pressure on my birthday; two drinks later and I was puking in the restaurant restroom. That was the last "never again," at least!

  3. Glad you found the right person for you. It's true that we can't change others. They have to want to change themselves.

  4. I like that line. Never date a guy for his potential. Hopefully my kids will learn all these good things and not make those same mistakes.

  5. Never had a relationship with a bad boy. I can relate to being the good girl. Have no regrets about staying away from the alcohol and drugs which I still do today. Not even social drinking, yes I am that lady drinking soda/juice at a family gathering. Congrats on finding the right guy Rachel.

  6. Oh boy, did I ever! I use to joke I went into to social work so I could save the bad boys without having to date them. And I'm proud to say, I married a good guy too, though technically, he had his fair share of he was my fixer upper ;)

  7. I still have a thing for guys like that, but they scare me too much to actually date them LOL! Good for you for walking away!

  8. I've never dated a bad boy, but I did date the same guy twice! A sweet guy, but he wasn't the right guy for me. I should have remember after the first time, but nope I dated him again. I did learn the second time! :)

  9. Yeah I've been there, though it wasn't drugs so much as how he treated others (especially me). Glad I got my head on straight before anything bad happened...

    A great never again!!

  10. I'm glad that you found the right person for you!

  11. I've never dated, but I can still relate to this a little, since I've had "friends" in the past that I swore I wouldn't hang out with again, yet still sometimes did. Glad you finally found a good guy to be with!

  12. so, have i dated a bad boy you ask? try the head of a gang...mexican gang. yeah, i had my bad boy... thank you Texas.