Friday, August 2, 2013

Cover Reveal: The Funeral Singer

I'm very excited to be taking part in the cover reveal for my Swoon sister, Linda Budzinski. Her YAcontemporary romance, The Funeral Singer, comes out from Swoon Romance on September 24th and I'm excited to read it!

Being a funeral singer was a dead-end job until it led her to him ...

Seventeen-year-old Melanie Martin has witnessed her share of lame eulogies and uninspired epitaphs while singing part-time at her dad's funeral home. She's determined to be more than a funeral singer, more than just someone's "beloved wife" or "loving mother." 

When Mel's impromptu rendition of "Amazing Grace" at a local rock star's graveside service goes viral on YouTube, she becomes an Internet sensation, gains thousands of fans and followers, and snags a hot rock star boyfriend--Zed Logan, bass player for The Grime. 

But instant fame isn’t easy—and neither is love. Especially when Mel realizes she’s falling for another guy—one who may just want her heart more than her voice …

And here is the beautiful cover!

In other news, my computer is broken and I have to send it out to be fixed. It could take anywhere from a week to a month to get it back. :( In the meantime, I will only be able to get online periodically, when I can make it to the library or talk a friend into letting me use theirs. :) So I won't be around quite as much until it's fixed, but I will try to respond to everyone who comments-it just might take awhile. 
And on Monday I have another lovely cover to reveal! So come back then to check it out! :) Thanks everybody! Have a great weekend!


  1. Sorry about the computer breaking! Hope that it gets fixed and you are back up and running again soon.

    Great cover and concept for "The Funeral Singer".

  2. That's one amazing cover. And it sucks about your computer! I couldn't live without mine for that long (I buy my replacement as soon as the old one starts to get a little wonky; but I also spend a lot of time on my computer...).

  3. What an original premise! Can't wait for release day!!! :D

    Sorry about your computer. That's no fun. :(

  4. Sorry about your computer; the last time I sent mine out to get fixed, it took a couple days and I found myself with a lot more free time because I didn't know what else to spend my time on. And I like Melanie's story. I think it's something that a lot of people can relate to, especially since I always see aspiring musicians post their videos on Youtube.

  5. I have computer blues as well so you're not alone. Here's to you getting it fixed soon. Linda's cover is both beautiful and powerful. I love the grasping of the hands. Melanie's story seems different from the usual fare and quite touching and enticing all at once.

  6. I love the title- definitely made me want to know what the book's about. Congrats to Linda!

  7. Loving the premise and the cover for The Funeral Singer!. That really sucks about your computer, though. Hopefully it'll get fixed sooner rather than later!

  8. Oh, Rachel! How did I miss this? Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!! xoxo

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