Sunday, March 25, 2012


Today, as I was getting my two-year-old ready to get into the tub, I pulled off her shirt to discover a blue marshmallow stuck between her shoulder blades.

Catherine is always making me laugh. I decided to re-post a list of her misadventures from 2011, because when I posted it the first time no one was following me yet. :)
Here it is:

My two-year-old, Catherine, is what I call mischievous. (My husband calls her evil, but I prefer mischievous.) She started walking at eight and a half months and has been on the go ever since. I had a friend tell me I could devote an entire blog just to her antics, and she is probably right. For now I have decided to make a list of ten of the more memorable things she's gotten into this year.

(I do have one honorable mention that didn't quite make the cut. About a week ago she pulled the needle out of the almost-done baby blanket I was knitting for my sister who was due yesterday. Unfortunately, it will not be done when her little boy arrives.)

Doesn't she just look like trouble?

Catherine's Top Ten Misadventures of 2011

10: Unraveled an entire roll of toilet paper and put it in the toilet, which my poor husband had to scoop out.

9: Painted her face black with my mascara.

8: Dumped an entire bottle of laundry detergent all over the laundry room floor. At least the towels used to clean it up were ready to be thrown right into the wash.

7: Tried to run down the stairs at Grandma's, resulting in a mild panic attack for Grandma and a chipped tooth for Catherine.

6: Tried to go fishing in the fish tank much to the chagrin of our angel fish, Superhero.

5: Dove into the bathtub head first in her pjs while I was washing my hair.

4: Poured baby powder all over the bathroom, and herself. I came in to find her naked in the bathtub, completely white.

3: Came into the living room carrying a raw egg yolk in the palm of her hand. The rest of the egg was in the dining room, and I'm still not sure how she got the yolk out without breaking it.

2: Put toilet paper into my friend's bathroom sink, then turned the water on and nearly flooded the bathroom. (Her sister caught her before it got that far- just before.) This is high on the list seeing as it was at a friend's house and therefore that much more embarrassing.

1: Fell out the living room window. Okay, this one was on my husband's watch. He says he was right in the room talking to our son, Johnny, when he heard a crash, turned around and saw the screen and the child missing. He freaked out, Johnny, however, apparently didn't miss a beat and kept right on telling his story.

I realize this probably makes it sound like I really don't watch my kids, but I do! Really! Catherine is just always on the go and with the addition of Margaret into the family it is just not possible to keep an eye on her every move. So far she has not had any major injuries. No cracked skulls or broken bones, so I'm calling it a win.


  1. Do you have pictures of any of these misadventures?

    1. The mascara make-over and the baby powder fiasco were caught on film. The others are just burned into my memory. :)

  2. She sounds like a handful, and so cute in that photo!

  3. I didn't even know it was possible to get blue marshmallows!

    Maybe Catherine is getting all her mischeviousness in now and will be angelic from 3 years and onwards?

  4. She really does have a mischievous glint in her eye! Some kids are just terrors, aren't they?

  5. Hilarious. My 5 yr old isn't active in this way, but she sometimes says the funniest things. Most of my Facebook postings are the silly things my kids say. I'm writing them all down in a notebook to give them when they're older.

    At least you can say that your life isn't boring!

  6. SHE IS SO ADORABLE! And she just seems so entertaining! lol. I'd definitely have a panic attack. When my nephew tries to be a superhero, I freak out. hahaha.

  7. LOL, it must be constant hard work to keep track of that little one! However, I am highly impressed that she managed to get an egg yolk out of an egg - that is quite a skill!

  8. Thanks everyone. She is, if nothing else, quite entertaining. :)

  9. Ha! She is ADORABLE! I love the mischief kids get into. It's great that you're writing it down, otherwise you wouldn't believe what you'll forget.

  10. Ha I love it!! Kids are the best comedy relief. Oh the list I would have for my 2 boys.

  11. Hey, Rachel! Because your blog is rad, I've named you as a recipient of the Liebster Award! Check out my entry on the award for more info. :)

    The Great and Mysterious Liebster Award

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