Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Escape to the Country

Hello all. I haven't been around much lately, and I've missed all my blog buddies, but my seven-year-old called me out on being on the computer too much. Oops. Between writing, revising, and blogging I guess it had been a bit much and something had to give. Especially because I am also busy coaching Speech and our high school Spring play is starting up and I direct that as well. So, I am sad to say, I will probably continue to not be around for a little while here.

But. . .I had to get on to share something really cool. The cover of Patsy Collins' book, Escape to the Country. If you don't already follow Patsy's blog, you should. Click on her name above to get there. She is so sweet and incredibly supportive of other writers.

And here is the cover:

Isn't that lovely? I just love her purple tights. :) And you can read her first chapter here. How awesome is that? It comes out on March 30th. I'm excited. :)

As I said, I will be a bit scarce for awhile, but I will be having a giveaway for reaching 100 followers. I'm very excited and want to give you all a big thank-you! If you have followed me and I have not followed you back, it is because there is not a link to your blog on your profile. Leave a comment and let me know how to find you. Thanks!

Enjoy Chapter One of Escape to the Country!


  1. I don't know Patsy. I'll have to check her out and her book!

  2. Very exciting for Patsy! Did you see her video where she reacts to the news of her book deal? Very amusing.

  3. I love the cover too, Rachel.

    Enjoy all the real-life stuff you've got going on!

  4. Thanks for the post Rachel. Congratulations Patsy. :-)

  5. Hi Angela - nice to 'meet' you.

    Alex, I'm starting to worry that video might outshine the book!

    Thanks for the mention, Rachel and for putting up the links.

  6. Hi Angela - nice to 'meet' you.

    Thanks for the mention, Rachel and for posting up the links.

  7. You're right, the purple tights totally make it. Love it! Thanks for sharing. : )