Thursday, November 14, 2013

Interview with Mia Josephs and Riley Janes!

All right Miss Janes and Miss Josephs,


You have two very different characters in this book. One very put together, and one falling apart. What was it like getting inside their heads?


Riley: Brooke was the easiest and loudest main character I’ve ever written. She was always RIGHT THERE, so much that when I sat down to write her chapters, I’d pump out 2-3K without even thinking about it. Getting inside her head was fun, even though she was so demanding ;)


Mia: Nate didn’t stretch me too much. I love writing broken-hearted guys. I did it in Falling, and I did it here. The hardest part about tackling that is making them heartbroken and sweet without being a woman (not to stereotype, but…yanno…like the stereotype). He was loud in my head before I had a setting or a plot or anything. I came to Riley and said – you’d be perfect for writing this girl, and I THINK this is what sort of happens, you game? And she sent me a first chapter later that day.


As collab partners, did you ever disagree on how things would play out for these two?


Riley: No? I don’t remember! LOL. We wrote the book in a week…so there wasn’t much time to argue about where the book would go. I was easy. Just make them kiss in the end and I’m good.


Mia: There was a point where I was like, uh… I’m not positive this is working, but I was plowing through my next chapter and then I get this email from Riley saying – hey, we need to tweak a few things… And like she said, we drafted this book in a week where we both needed something FUN. Also, the tweaking took like an afternoon…


What was your favorite scene to write? What was your favorite scene to read from your partner? Did they ever totally surprise you?


Riley: Oooh! I’m going to share my favorite scene Mia wrote, because it was hilarious. OK. This is hilarious and one of my fav funny scenes, BUT it came about because Riley said she wanted a scene like this, so we worked it in. I love that you expect more for the girl to walk in on the guy, instead of it happening this way…


I set my camera on the counter and head for my room, stripping my damp undershirt off in the process. “Brooke?” I ask and nothing.

Maybe she changed shoes in a hurry. I can’t imagine what else she could possibly be doing. I walk through the quiet living room when I hear the most distinct soft moan.

I freeze as scenarios flit through my brain. Mom’s not here for sure. It was definitely a girl and definitely from Brooke’s room. Another small whimper comes from behind her door, and I’m drawn to it before thinking.

I’m about to call her name again when I realize there’s definitely something happening, and maybe I shouldn’t interrupt. Mom’s voice screeches in my earpiece. “Brooke! Now please.”

Okay. This is definitely off. It’s not like Brooke to miss a page from Mom.


“Yes,” she gasps from behind the door, and I step back unsure if her “yes” was in response to me or something else entirely.

“Brooke?” I give a soft knock. “Are you getting the bouquets?”

“Oh. Shit. Oh.” There’s an odd scrambling sound, a couple of thumps and then, “Just a sec. I had to… I needed my flats, I…”

Her door flies open as she dials in her earpiece. Her cheeks are pink, and I swear she’s breathing a little hard.

“You alone?” I ask, glancing behind her, the pieces starting to fall into place.

She glances at me quickly. “Seriously, Nate. Put on your damn shirt.”


Oh my gosh! That is kind of hilarious!

My favorite scene to write was probably one where Brooke tries to get Nate to give her a foot massage. But you’ll have to read it to see that part, lol. I LOVE THAT SCENE!!! I love the scene where she tries to snag another foot massage even more.


Mia: My favorite scene to write was… Oh! When Nate is trying to be all player-like and calls this girl like two minutes after she leaves the office for a date. That was fun.


And Mia never really surprised me, but it was always a big treat getting the chapters in my email not really knowing how things would play out.


And one just for fun, since these two work at a wedding planning business, what was your favorite thing to plan for your own wedding? The dress, the cake, the flowers, something totally different?


Riley: The honeymoon!


I didn’t want to plan my wedding, lol. I wanted to elope! And we almost did a “planned elopement” which is where I got the idea for that term in the book… I don’t love being the center of attention, so yeah…an elopement would have suited me well ;-)

I can totally relate to that! We kept ours as small as we could with two big families. :)
Thanks for stopping by today! This was fun and I can't wait to read Unexpectedly You!

And thank you Rachel!!!!

HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Unexpectedly You Brooke Winters has every second of her day planned out. She makes lists for the satisfaction of checking things off. When Marks Events and Weddings has an opening, she knows she’s perfect for the job. What she doesn’t expect is that the boss’s unkempt and full of bad attitude son will be the person she works most closely with.

Nate Marks lost his fianc√© and his best friend the moment he walked in on them sleeping together. He finds himself back at home in Las Vegas with his mother, taking photos for her wedding planning business instead of creating a portfolio to show at art galleries. Heartbroken and lost, Nate couldn’t care less about how he’s perceived by wedding clients… or the newest hire, Brooke.

When Brooke finds Nate at the office passed out and hung over, she quickly fixes him up to look presentable for their meetings. Nate spills about his broken relationship, and soon their clashed personalities balance each other out. But when they both discover there might be more between them, they panic.

Brooke’s determined to live life on her schedule, which never included a relationship with a co-worker or friend, and with Nate still aching over the girl he thought he’d spend his life with—they’re both about to lose a love they never expected to find.
You can find Unexpectedly You on Goodreads,
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  1. Fun interview! They drafted this book in just a week? Wow, impressive!

  2. I still can't get over that you two wrote this in a week. That's amazing. Sure, it's less writing for each of you, but still, getting everything put together that quickly... It's pretty cool.