Monday, October 8, 2012

Foreign Affairs Giveaway!

Foreign Affairs is now available in print! Yay! I'm very excited to get my copy. I also plan to do a giveaway later this week, but one of the other authors is doing a giveaway right now!

Michelle Garren Flye is giving away a signed copy on her blog. So go check it out! And come back on Wednesday for another chance to win a copy here on my blog.

You can also find it on Amazon and on the TMP website.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Oh congratulations!!!!!!! I bet that's one of the amazing, "Holy Crap!" moments in an author's career---holding the book in your hands :)

  2. Congrats Rachel. I have to agree that Georgia is a great nickname. Oooh Foreign Affairs huh? Love the title.

    I have two novels I plan to write under a pseudonym as well. All I will say is that it won't be in 2013 and my pen name will be Roe. Like Madonna. *Cue Eerie Music* Wait I mean happy music...oh well the books will be about vampires and fairytale pirates. One YA the latter New Adult. Good news? You're the first person I told. Have been thinking about it over a year though.

  3. Thanks for the link to the give away. I have something for you over on my blog.

  4. I've refreshed the page like eight times (which usually works) but for some reason it won't let me click on the little 'reply' button under your names. So, here's to all of you:
    Cassie: I am very excited! It hasn't gotten here yet, though. It should be here in the next couple of days. :)
    Elizabeth: Thanks! I'll see you Wednesday. :)
    Sheena-kay: That sounds awesome! I love the idea of fairytale pirates! Good luck!
    Patsy: Thank you so much! I will (hopefully) get that post up next week. :)