Friday, June 22, 2012

Girls Just Wanna' Have Fun Blog Hop

Today is the Girls Just Wanna' Have Fun Bloghop! Yay! A big thanks to Victoria and Jaycee for hosting this. You girls rock. ;)
The girls below are from my YA novella Flesh-Eating Zombies and Evil Ex-Girlfriends.
Gabby will be interviewing Sylvia.
These two were not best friends before they became locked in their high school,
trying to stay safe from zombies,
but they were 'friendly.' They are from a very small town where everyone
knows everyone. But they are happy they've gotten to know each other better!

I was going to play 'Everybody Dies Famous in a Small Town' but
I couldn't figure it out.
My computer kept freezing up when I tried.
So I gave up.
But here are the girls!


Gabby: Okay, I have a list of questions here from Jaycee and Victoria. (Hey, did you hear about Victoria's big news? She's getting published by Curiosity Quills. Pretty awesome, huh?) Anyway, let's get started. First question: How would you describe Erwin?

Sylvia: Erwin is a good guy. Like an 'always tries to do what's right' kind of good guy. He can be frustrating as all hell, but he tries.

Gabby: That's it?

Sylvia: Um, yeah.

Gabby: Nothing about how you looove him?

Sylvia: What?! No. I mean, yeah, he's cute and all, but. . .Okay, you know what? Next question.

Gabby: Okay then. What turns you off from a guy the most?

Sylvia: Easy. Arrogance. I hate guys that think they are god's gift to, whatever.

Gabby: What attracts you to a guy the most?

Sylvia: I don't know. Intelligence. Sense of humor. Integrity.

Gabby: Abs?

Sylvia: Okay, yeah, that helps, too.

Gabby: Describe yourself in one word.

Sylvia: Practical.

Gabby: Wow. That's lame.

Sylvia: Gee, thanks a lot.

Gabby: I'd describe you as determined. Or fierce.

Sylvia: *laughs* Um, okay. I'll take fierce. That sounds a lot more interesting. I'd describe you as sweet.

Gabby: Aw, thanks Sylvia.


  1. I liked how you slipped that little Victoria comment it. :)

    That's cool how she describes herself as practical, Gabby says fierce. Sylvia seems fairly modest.

  2. Bet I could score a date with Sylvia! As long as abs are fourth of course.

  3. Great interaction between these two! :D

  4. I love that we both picked Emma Roberts for our mc's! If we could just get our movie deals, she'd be so busy with awesome book-to-movie creations! ;-)

    1. Well, she is pretty awesome! (The funny thing is, I've never actually seen her in anything. She just has such a great look.)

  5. Cute interview. The girls obviously have really distinct personalities. :D

  6. I love these girls. And Erwin! I love love love him :)

    And did you change your background? Cuz I love that too!

  7. Hey Rach- I love how you worked Victoria's awesome news in there, that was brilliant! Great interview. Loved this.

  8. this was cute banter between bff's, well done!

  9. Abs? Yeah, well, that helps too. I definitely agree, abs always help. :) Great interview!

  10. "Wow, that's lame." LOL. Great interview! Thanks for participating!

  11. I loved this interview, Rachel. Practical, fierce and sweet. Great combination, don't you think?
    And know all about computers acting up. Been there, done that. *too many times*

  12. hehehehehe I love the banter. Practical.That's lame. Have to agree :D

  13. This back and forth was fantastic. Way to go!

  14. Great job! They balance each other out well!

  15. Ah, a pratical girl that's fierce. Yup, that sure is someone you need when you're up against zombies. ^_^

  16. Haha! Aww... Rachel *hugs* Thanks for spreading my news! Awesome interview and I loved that you used more of your "zombies" peeps. I want your book to come out so bad that I'm freaking out!!! I just love Erwin :D

  17. That was fun - and I can tell she does loooove him ;-)

  18. "God's gift to whatever." That was my favorite line. Great job! This was really funny!