Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm Hearing Voices Blogfest

So I decided to enter this great character blogfest over at Cassie Mae's blog, Reading, Writing and Lovin' It! There are three assignments in February and there are some awesome prizes for each one. (Including some manuscript critiques.) Go check it out! There is still some time to join in on the fun.

Meanwhile, I've been getting some work done on my zombie novel. I've made a bunch of revisions and will soon be looking for some new eyes to check it out for me. That's another nice thing about coaching speech, I know a bunch of teens whom I could talk into reading it. Of course they like me, or at least pretend to, so they may have a hard time being honest.

I live in a small town, about 2300 people, so there is not a critique group to join here. I have searched surrounding towns, still am actually. Now I know a lot of people join online critique groups, but (I'll just admit it) I don't know how to do that.  (Yes, I know, it's embarrassing.)

Are any of you in an online group? Did it, does it, work well for you? How did you find your group? Any insight here would be appreciated. Thanks!


  1. I don't belong to a group, but a year ago I put out a call for critique partners on my blog and was flooded with offers. I now have three of the best critique partners one could ever hope for.

  2. I am not, what one would call, tech saavy so i could not begin to tell you how to find these groups but follow Alex's suggestion because the blogging world seems endless in possibilities never mind all the other websites etc... Good luck with the novel too. It is great to follow a dream and actually start to make it so(to coin Capt. Pickard-Star Trek)

  3. Thanks you guys! I'll have to try that some time soon. :)

  4. I know the guy who either started, helped start, or is currently running some Rochester writers' groups. Check out Mike Kalmbach's bio on goodreads.

    1. Really? Thanks, Sara! I've tried to contact the person who runs the SCBWI one in Rochester, but she never responds.