Sunday, November 29, 2015

I Miss You!

Hello bloggers! It's been a while. I know.

I miss blogging, but I can't seem to remember how I ever managed to keep up with a blog, raise my four kids, and actually have time to do things like write, or do laundry.

I didn't finish Nano (this was my first year trying it) but I did write more words than I probably ever have in one month. I have one WIP out with cps, and another half finished. So I have been writing! And the laundry gets done, (if not put away.) ;)

But the blogging has basically stopped. Many of my old blogger friends I've found on Facebook. If we haven't connected there, please feel free to friend me! (There are not a lot of Schieffelbeins.)

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful (for my US friends) and I hope you're excited and joyful about the upcoming holidays. :) Please fill me in on any new happenings! I'd love to hear how your writing is going, or anything else that's been great in your life.

Perhaps in the new year I will find more time to keep up here. I certainly hope so. :)


  1. I didn't win NaNo, either. Disappointing, but still a good experience.

    And that reminds me...I have some laundry that needs putting away. :)

  2. I'm another who didn't win Nano.

    I say another, but actually if you wrote more words than you would otherwise have done, I reckon that means you did win.

  3. That last comment was me - I forgot I'd logged in to do something on the writing group's blog!

  4. Glad you got a lot written. That's a win in my book.
    Many bloggers have slowed or stopped, but there are still new ones appearing. Sorry, not on Facebook. Just Twitter.

  5. You are my hero that you can manage to write w/four kidlets! Seriously. *fist bump* I'll try to find you on fb, if I haven't already. Never can remember...

  6. I just got back to blogging today so I feel your blogging withdrawal pain. Just pop in when you can until you get a new rhythm going Rachel. We love and miss you so much and wish you all the best. News from me. Yesterday was my birthday and I finally have a laptop where I can do all my work and blog without trouble. Yay!

  7. I don't even have kids, yet I mind myself wondering how I ever managed to blog regularly, too. I seem to disappear more often than not anymore! Congrats on all the words you managed to write this past month, even though it didn't result in a NaNo win. Progress of any kind is always worth celebrating! :)

  8. I'm blogging a whopping once a month now and I don't have anything meaningful to share except what's going on with my books. How did I get so boring? Anyhow, glad to see you on FB. :)

  9. I just saw your comment on Elizabeth Seckman's blog and figured you must be alive, but this is a really old post. Like really old. ;)

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