Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer of Love Tour! Music and Manuscripts

Today my lovely Swoon sisters, Stephanie Wardrop and Kelly Hashway, are joining us to talk about music and manuscripts.

Do you listen to music when you write, or do you prefer quiet?

Stephanie's answer:
Have to have music.  I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to what I
listen to!  It's at

Kelly's answer:
I listen to music before I write because it definitely inspires me. I like the quiet while I'm writing though.
What song would be on your book's soundtrack?
In this section of the e-novella, Georgia discovers that Michael is --
much to her surprise -- a closet reggae fan.  You wouldn't think he
would be, but he had an older cousin who introduced him to the music.
The cousin died years ago and no one really talks about it, so the
music is kind of special to Michael. And this is pure backstory, by
the way.  No one not reading this post will know that! He doesn't just
like the standard Bob Marley stuff beloved by drunk frat boys.  He
likes some serious dub.

Okay, well there's a love triangle in this series so I have to pick two songs. ;) "Be Your Everything" by Boys Like Girls sums up Ash and Meg's relationship really well. And "Yours to Hold" by Skillet would be Noah and Meg's song.

Be Your Everything

Yours to Hold

Did this song inspire you to write a certain scene in your book, or did you hear the song afterward and think 'oh that's perfect!'
The song I decided to have playing in his car in the final scene,
despite what I just said above, is Bob Marley and the Wailers' "Could
You Be Loved?" because that's exactly what he's wondering about
Georgia.  And she's wondering the same thing.  You'll have to check
out Book Three to find out how this develops.

Could You be Loved

I heard "Be Your Everything" and thought, that's Ash and Meg's song! It was perfect. Then I searched for songs that really showed the side of Noah that Meg sees and as soon as I heard "Yours to Hold" I knew I'd found it.

Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie and Kelly!
To find out more about their books, click the links below:
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Advantage: Heartbreak (Game. Set. Match. Heartbreak, #2)
And come back next week, I'll be posting what song
would be on the soundtrack for my novella, Secondary Characters.


  1. Thanks for having us, Rachel. :)

  2. Thanks for letting us stop by!

  3. Great choices on music for your characters!

  4. This interview was delightful! I love Stephanie and Kelly, they're great writers and awesome people. Wishing all the "Swoon" girls the best of luck with their books. :-)

  5. I love discovering new music! Great interview!

  6. I like the idea of choosing songs for your characters; I've never done that before. I don't usually write to music, unless I'm in a cafe; most cafes pick good soundtracks that are conducive to writing because they're pleasant to listen to but not too distracting.

  7. Those are great music choices. Sometimes I hear a song and think how perfect it would be for one of my characters if the books were ever made into a movie. Yeah...I like to daydream!

  8. Like Kelly I need quiet when I'm writing. But I do listen to music when I'm not and have been inspired. I also enjoy creating playlist for my novels. I've also seen Kelly's book cover around quite a bit including on Swoon's website.

    I love that Stephanie's characters relate to Could you be loved by Bob Marley. I not only love the song and artiste, but also the message and longing. Both books have stories that draw you in and at $1.29 each I'll buy copies as soon as I can get a gift card. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ladies with us Rachel and can't wait to see your music choices.

  9. Great interview, Love both covers! :)

  10. As a music addict, I can't help but love the theme of this post! It was also really fun to see a Skillet song mentioned, since I'm a fan of that band. :)

  11. I'm a big fan of music while writing. Congrats to these ladies on their covers!

  12. Oh, this is great. I'm one of those writers who needs DEAD SILENCE to write, but that's probably partially because I'm such a music freak that if anything was playing I'd be more drawn to the sound than to the words. I just can't multitask like that. I totally have entire soundtracks for my books. One was almost creepy--I found a song that so perfectly described my (extremely non-traditional) book that I could hardly believe I hadn't heard it before writing it. If that one's ever made into a movie, I've gotta get the rights to play it over the credits. :D I think a lot of other writers will agree with me, though, when I say that when you're engrossed in your latest work, just about everything reminds you of it!

  13. Gotta have my tunes! Great choices ladies.

  14. I've always listened to music when I write. Each of my books has its own theme music, too.